We are all connected…….we really are!

First of all thank you so much for taking time to read this. We go through life creating our own history. Its your history …venture forth and own it and if you have the time write about it….you never know you might surprise yourself…..

I’ve got some things I need to share…….

I consider myself a fairly regular guy on the ascent through the pursuit of knowledge and attaining joyousness inner sanctum, what the hell does that mean? well, in simple terms it just means that I just want to be bloody cool with stuff.

I am a qualified fitness instructor, part time actor and full time engineering director. I am happy dude, who loves to read books and speak to random people.

I have some fairly basic questions about life in general more specifically mind, body health, social interaction and self mastery.

We should all take an opportunity to regularly upgrade to the next best version of us and if I can help in any little way through sharing my experiences or by delivering thought provoking blogs, then job done as far as I am concerned.

As I travel, gain experience and interact with the world around me, I will reflect and share……why the hell not, after all I am “just putting it out there…..”

Feel free to comment, pinch, punch or tickle, I will generally reply, sharing is growing and no matter how negative a situation there is always a positive spin.

Thanks guys and enjoy your journey

Kilted Haggis