The broken mirror

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Branch Tyranny was a man of boundless knowledge and wisdom,
his idle heart inert from yester years callous indignation,
Furrowed lines sprawled across his face, a road map of conquered paths,
he was a lived man, a hard man, a man notwithstanding his conviction,
he whispered to me “capture a breath hold it and see”

A man should not be led, nor should a man be told,
Branch knew the art of being brave and bold,
Repentant and cleansed and left to diffuse this man is reborn, delivered his dues,
“Transcendence beyond the mundane” he proclaims,
he whispered to me “connect with your soul and remove all shame”

His eyes sat with an awkward gaze of a battle hardened man,
Branch was alert but at peace within, and his voice distilled,
what steady’s his hull so well this once broken ship ?
He seems free of disease strong and willed and fully equipped,
he whispered to me “lose the baggage that’s the key”

Branch Tyranny what keeps you so sane?
free from the life that has followed you in vain,
I wonder the stature your thoughts buried so deep,
You are a mystery, a magician, a master of mind
filled with an enormous proportion of kind,
he whispered to me “seek and ye shall find”

“Branch Tyranny your time is up” the voice called loud,
He packed his things and wandered out,
One act of shear departure has endured this man to a life of fracture,
the demons caught him unaware and led him to a world of disrepair,
a field of red mist and provocation,
a weakness, a blindness an unrecognisable character deformation,
he was broken, then mended and now he is free,
He will have to adjust to his freedom and time,
his final words…. “I regret I have regrets” said prisoner 7659

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