A better version of you

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The eyes of a child bears no illusions………reality is truth, the here and now. Their raw emotions which manifest into true internal feelings are expressed outwardly. We can see a mixture of emotions on the faces of these young workers ….pride, confusion, loneliness.

Children do not have emotional filters like adults do and we generally know from day one when kids are not happy about something because we either see it on their faces or hear it in their voice.

Adults on the other hand have become the masters of deceit and perjury in terms of emotional display.

During our formative years from 3-10 we are emotionally transparent, we are at our most absorbant and impressionable stages of emotional development. By the age of 10 we have reached maximum emotional complexity.

There is very little fear and awareness of emotional boundaries, no negative rehearsal or psychological mapping. Everything is raw open and transparent.

So what the hell happened to this amazing ability to have fun, be fearless of danger, rejection, and adventure, the ability to forgive and forget, and that energy where has the energy gone? Nothing could hold us back.

We need to try and remove those adulthood barriers which have built layers around our soul over the years, the ability to be emotionally transparant is not only liberating but therapy for your wellbeing.

We can all be versions of the children we once were.

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