Taking the stress out of flying 

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Flying can be a particulary trying time for most. Rushing around trying to find your seat and hoping that you have enough space for your luggage and off course who will I be sitting next to?

On occasion it is very easy to jump to conclusions about those who we observe.

In the instance of behaviour we only see the manifestations of the ego in which the person chooses to present at that particular point in time.

I read a an article which narrated a situation where a poor performing worker was causing safety and productivity  concerns within the workplace. The author discussed that the individual had actually been going through some personal issues which meant his peformance at work was under par. The author in this case the boss, decided to investigate and let the situation or picture become more elaborate. He subsequently supported the individual and help him through the problem.

Today I witnessed a situation whilst boarding a plane where it would be too easy to start making assumptions. Now bearing in mind many people find flying quite stressful whether they like to admit it or not. This particular gentleman who had just boarded had not wished to disturb an old lady who had accidently sat in his seat, so he chooses a different seat. He was asked by one of the cabin crew to move to another seat as he was now sitting in someone elses seat. Now the guy was only trying to do a good deed but some looked upon the situation that the man was trying to be difficult and subsequently cabin crew and the man got quite stressed. He eventually  sat next to me. Later in the flight another woman next to us, who like me witnessed the scenario unfold offered him and I a sweet for take off and it totally defused the atmosphere.

I love to see acts of kindness, goodness and caring. In this case a complete act of nurturing from the woman and the man was healed. We are all good souls really sometimes we just need to push ourselves beyond a comfort zone to help others.

On a final note if anyone ever needed comfort or reassurance whilst flying, then the answer is a female pilot. Captain Kate was the pilot on this occasion and I have to say the instinctive inner archetype of the great mother appeared as soon as I heard her voice and I am sure most would have felt reassured. It was as though she was going to fly us with a big cuddle.I have never flown with a female captain or first officer come to mention it. This particular journey was one of reassurance warmth and nurturing.

Remember stressful situations and think to yourself. What could I do to help ease the stress around me?

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